Who needs a VCR when you have SX!

Music Sender musicsender at earthlink.com
Fri Jun 30 14:28:59 EST 2000

Check it out!  I just found A TON of unreleased video footage from a bunch
of different concerts up on Scour Exchange. I'm telling you, there was a
whole pile of stuff to choose from on there.  I burned four cd's of stuff
already in just the three weeks I have been using SX.  You can get any video
you ever wanted and then start instant messaging people on your hotlist to
find out about stuff you didn't know even existed!

Scour Exchange rocks!  I never knew I could spend so much time looking for
video's as well as mp3's and pictures. If you want to get HOOKED UP, go to
sx.scour.com and check this thing out.  And don't worry cause they aren't
being sued like Napster is so you got nothin to worry about.

sx.scour.com is where its at!

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