Nuno Ricardo Loureiro Ferreira nunolf at cnc.uc.pt
Wed Mar 8 14:12:18 EST 2000


I'm just starting to work with the CNSsolve program. I would like to
know, if someone as encountered the same "problem" then me.
I want to perform the convertion of NMR data from the .rstrnt file
(FELIX 95.0/Biosym) to distance and dihedral angle restraints. By any
chance, thus anyone tryed to wrote a script to do this convertion?

Thanks for your attention

Nuno Ricardo Loureiro Ferreira
Centro Neurociencias de Coimbra
Grupo de Modelacao Molecular
Universidade de Coimbra

P.S. Any comments, please use tehe e-mail: nunolf at cnc.cj.uc.pt

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