Unusual ramachandran residue

kevbrady1 kevbrady1 at supanet.com
Tue May 2 10:21:32 EST 2000

Got a question related to antibody structure, if any one out there has any
ideas it would be great. I've modelled (so this migt not seem the correct
place to post this message) an antibody Fv, run PROCHECK on my model, which
gives 1 dissallowed residue - Threonine 51 in the light chain (Kabat
numbering). This is positioned at the apex of CDR2, which I would have
thought was almost OK. Does any one know of this occurring before? The
template for the light chain was a model resident in the PDB by Padlan &
Kabat. Does anyone know if it has been noted in the literature (can't find
it through searches on BIDS etc)?

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