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>Paul D. Boyle wrote:
>> By the way, in recent times the term 'streamlined Redhat installation'
>> is becoming an oxymoron.  Lately, in my opinion anyway, redhat is getting
>> too bloated and too oriented towards providing a 'desktop environment'.
>> I feel a little disappointed in the direction they seem to be moving.
>> Paul
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>I agree - RedHat's game plan seems to be to 'streamline' the Linux
>installation in order to appeal to Windows users and to earn money by
>providing support for the things that their installation procedure
>doesn't cover. This explains why their manual keeps getting smaller. We
>recommend SuSE, who provide much more information and many more software
>packages; however RadHat's automatic harware recognition is better than
>SuSE's. It is probably worth buying a commercial FORTRAN compiler for
>Linux; we used pgf77 ( to compile my own programs and
>CCP4 with excellent results. The compiler is very robust and produces
>faster code than g77; a full test version that runs for two weeks can be
>downloaded free.

>George Sheldrick

(Having updated the info from the followon posts to the CCP14
Linux area  webpage)

Another Linux option a friend in Melbourne is raving about 
compared to Redhat Linux is Mandrake 7 Linux 

Install is easy to do from CD-ROM, comes 
with g77 as part of the default install (ISO Images are
available off the net).  
Has some excellent tools to manage the PC -  
(i.e., turning on/off services); checking for updated 
security fixes via the internet ("Drakconf" and 
"updates" programs via the GUI Desktop).

Dual Boot Mandrake/Windows Tutorial with some screen dumps:


Though a colleague at Birkbeck keeps stating that Debian
Linux is the only Linux now available worthy of the name?


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