SnB v2.1 for UNIX released on the Web (SGI IRIX, Redhat Linux, Compac Alpha, Solaris, IBM AIX)

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Wed May 3 23:51:37 EST 2000

SnB 2.1 (Shake'n'Bake) has been released and is available on the web via:

Binaries are available for SGI IRIX, Linux (Redhat), Compac Alpha, 
Solaris and IBM AIX.

There is a minor CCP14 based tutorial showing an example of installing
SnB on an SGI IRIX 6.5.x computer.  It also gives some screen dumps
of the Java Graphical User Interface showing SnB going through the paces
of solving a structure.

In the case of the SGI O2 tried, it is very easy to install and get


From: snb-help at 

> After a lengthy gestation period, the "official" SnB Version 2.1 was
> released on April 28, 2000.  In recent months, the SnB development team 
> has squelched an assortment of bugs, completed implementation of 
> significantly enhanced multiprocessing options, and renovated the SnB 
> web site ( including the addition of 
> the new SnB tutorial.  Last but not least, the internal HELP facility 
> has been improved to the point where it may actually be helpful!  
> Therefore, all current users are advised and encouraged to upgrade 
> their SnB installations now.  This is critical for those users having 
> structures with R-centered lattices or crystallizing in space group F222.  
> The README instructions for the installation procedure have been amended 
> to include information regarding platform-specific requirements such as 
> Java version number.  We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our 
> failure to include this information in the past.
> A renewal application for the NIH Program Project grant that provides 
> the major support for SnB is due June 1, 2000.  We would like to include 
> an updated summary of structures that have been solved with the program, 
> and we need your help to compile this information.  Please go to the new 
> "Report Structures" option and tell us as much as you can about your SnB 
> successes.  Please respond by May 15.  Even if a structure's identity 
> cannot be revealed, we would still like a "body count".  Please 
> communicate this request to others in your laboratory who have solved 
> structures using SnB.  Thanks in advance for your help!
> We also wish to thank all the users who have given us valuable feedback
> concerning v2.0 Beta, and we encourage you to send us your comments
> regarding v2.1. 
> Chuck Weeks
> Russ Miller

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