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Fri May 12 12:29:56 EST 2000

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Peter Nollert <nollert at> wrote:
>Looking for software (preferentially web-based), that I can feed with a
>PDB file (not available in databases) and a sequence and that outputs a
>PDB datafile of a structural alignment. I don't really mind the type of
>algorithm used. (threading etc)

I do not know how to generate structures from sequences.
CSR do structural alignments from PDB files. Only cartesian coords are
used, sequences are ignored. The rotated and translated aligned mol
or fragment is output in PDB format. Some other input/ouput formats
are allowed.
CSR is available (free) for DEC alpha (VMS and unix), SGI (various
architectures), RS6000 and SP2, CRAY J90, Linux. Please specify
system/platform and I shall email you the soft.

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