New version of Chekcell Graphical Powder Indexing Helper Tool for Windows

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Thu May 18 20:13:36 EST 2000

A new bugfix and feature version of Chekcell is available on the web.
This is a graphical powder indexing helper tool and part of the LMGP
suite by Jean Laugier and Bernard Bochu
The major fix is problems when doing a "Best Solution" involving Rhombohedral/
Hexagonal trial cells (some array errors have also been fixed).  A major speed 
improvement in performing a "Best Solution" has also be added.

For suggesting a "Best Solution", Chekcell uses the ratio of
Observed to Calculated HKLs for the various trial cell/spacegroup
combinations.  This means it can suggest a "hidden low Figure of
Merit (FOM)" true solution even if swamped by higher FOM trial

There is a tutorial showing Chekcell in action on just this type
of problem at:
  "Using Chekcell as a Guide to suggest the True Cell on a large 
   lower FOM Hexagonal/Rhombohedral Cell"


Chekcell Download:
Other Chekcell Powder Indexing Helper Tool Tutorials via:

Crysfire Powder Indexing Suite Tutorials and download:

Crysfire Download:

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