Crystallographic applications of WAP (Mobile Phone - "Wireless Application Protocol")

Lachlan Cranswick l.cranswick at
Fri May 19 05:42:19 EST 2000

Hope this is not too out of topic but as various people here would
be responsible for keeping an eye of the status of the hardware
they maintain (Diffractometer Status, long Data Collections, Beam Status, 
Liquid Nitrogen Status, etc); this "might" be of interest.

There is a draft CCP14 based page on using WAP (The Mobile Phone "Wireless 
Application Protocol") for Crystallographic/X-ray Diffraction applications.

Of the many things that are possible, this allows you to keep
an eye of the status of hardware (and running software) using
a WAP enabled Mobile Phone.  (useful if you cannot be near a 
network terminal or status screen all the time or are not on

WAP enabled pages can be housed on a standard web-server
(such as the freeware Apache for UNIX and Windows).  ASCII 
WML WAP pages and WAP WBMP images can be created using freeware 
tools available off the internet.


The simple (public) examples given in the page is a WAP page on 
the SRS Synchrotron Beam Status:

  Text Only:
  Graphics and Text:

(You will need a WAP enabled Mobile Phone or WAP
Emulator to view the above pages:
    Wapalizer Javascript:
       (does not handle the graphics properly)
    WINWAP for Windows:


Some of the pitfalls and problems of WAP are also given.
It is not a very well designed protocol but it is "usable".

Corrections/suggestions for the page appreciated.  As well
as links to other Crystallographic/Scientific WAP enabled



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