Marie Curie Training Possibilities

Paul Tucker tucker at
Wed Oct 11 04:48:51 EST 2000

         EMBL Hamburg Outstation
         Marie Curie Traning Site

The   EMBL Hamburg  Outstation   of   the European Molecular   Biology
Laboratory  is pleased to  be able  to offer training  under the Marie
Curie Training Sites scheme of  the European Commission 5th  Framework
Programme "Improving Human  Research Potential and the  Socio-Economic
Knowledge Base". The scheme supports stays of  between three to twelve
months by   young researchers pursuing  doctoral studies  and provides
them with  the   opportunity to  undertake part of    their studies in
another country.  The  Hamburg Outstation  is   situated on  the  DESY
campus and has had a  pre-eminent role and long-standing tradition  in
the training  of students in  the application of synchrotron radiation
to research in molecular  biology.  The following areas are targetted:

====>   Macromolecular      crystallography   including   heterologous
expression,       protein    purification     and    characterisation,
crystallisation, X-ray  data    collection and processing,   structure
solution and refinement.  The staff offering training in this area are
Dr.  V. Lamzin , Dr. O.  Mayans, Dr.  E.  Pohl, Dr.  A. Popov, Dr.  P.
A.  Tucker and Dr.  M. Wilmanns.

====> X-ray absorption spectroscopy   to  determine the structure   of
metallo-proteins and model compounds.  Training is offered in the team
of Dr.  W. Meyer-Klaucke.

====> Recording and interpretation  of scattering data from biological
molecules  in solution and time   resolved studies of  non-crystalline
systems. Training is offered by Dr. M. Koch and Dr. D. Svergun

====>Training  in instrumention  for  use  with synchrotron  radiation
involves design and construction of endstations for structural biology
and specialised user-friendly equipment.  This training, particularily
suited for students from physics and  engineering sciences, is offered
in the group of Dr.  C.  Hermes.

Further information,  including application  requirements and   a more
detailed research profile of the groups offering training can be found


Applications   for training fellowships  may  be made at  any time and
should   be sent to  Dr.   P.  A.  Tucker,  Marie  Curie Training Site
Fellowships, EMBL,   c/o   DESY, Notkestrasse  85,    D22603  Hamburg,
Germany.  EMBL  is   an inclusive organisation   and equal opportunity
employer. Every attempt  will be made to communicate  the result of an
application within two months of its receipt.

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