For Sale: Diffractometer, generator, cameras

Tony Linden alinden at
Wed Sep 13 03:48:56 EST 2000

For sale or to a good home: X-ray diffractometer, generator, cameras.

As a result of equipment upgrades, the Institute of Organic Chemistry at
the University of Zurich has the following equipment available for

Available from the end of November:

One Rigaku RU200 12 kW rotating anode generator (belt drive, 6000 rpm)
with normal focus cathode and both Mo and Cu anodes.  This generator has
seen continuous use since 1991, and is still in excellent operating
condition.  A reconditioned turbomolecular pump was installed in 1997. 
The Mo anode has been in use for most of the time, while the Cu anode is
in almost new condition, having seen <6 months service in total.  The
system has been carefully maintained and all manuals and log books are
available.  The generator includes the appropriate step-down transformer
required to utilise Euorpean power supplies (50Hz 380 V, 3 phase).

One Rigaku AFC5 goniometer, complete with XDC interface (standalone
cabinet), PC control computer (DOS) and MSC software.  All in excellent
operating condition.

Two magnetic cassette seals and two bearings for the belt drive rotating
anode, as well as 2 boxes of 3 normal focus filaments.  These genuine
Rigaku parts are available at 50% of the original purchase price.

Available immediately:

One Seifert X-ray generator suitable for Weissenberg and precession
cameras.  Condition unknown as has not been used for 10 years.

One Huber precession camera.

One Huber Weissenberg camera.

Prices negotiable.  The costs of removal and transportation would be the
responsibility of the person acquiring the equipment.

Offers or expressions of interest for all or any of these items should be
directed to Tony Linden at alinden at or phone +41 1 635 4228.

Dr. Anthony Linden                             Tel:    +41 1 635 4228
Organic Chemistry Institute                    Fax:    +41 1 635 6812
University of Zurich                           E-mail: alinden at
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland

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