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Sat Aug 18 12:10:32 EST 2001

Uncle Al needs a little help from x-ray crystallography adepts. 
Uncle Al has a fetish for small unit cell heavy atom chiral
crystal structures.  If anybody has a copy of CRYSTMET or ICSD
access pining for the fjords because nobody has exercised it
lately, behold a bit of scholarly recreation:
Table V

All I wish is candidate compounds; their space groups, lattice
constants and Z occupancy; and literature citations.  The number
of candidates is severely circumscribed by tight requirements:

   1. Inorganics and intermetallics only (*No* organics or
   2. Unit cell volume less than 250 cubic angstroms.  Smaller is
   3. *Must* contain one or more atoms of Ta, W, Pt, Au, Tl, Pb,
or Bi
   4. *Only* space groups P3(1), P3(2), P4(1), P4(3), P6(2),
P6(4), P6(1), P6(5) 
   5. If no hits, then space groups P2, P2(1), C2, I4, I4(1),
P(4), P4(2), P3, R3, P6, P6(3) 
   6. *No* ferroelectric crystals (polarity twinning and domains) 
   7. *No* P2(1)3; no SnAu(5) or BiTeI (wrong assignment of space

I already have BiB(3)O(6), AuBe, Al(5)W, CoU, AlAu(4).  (Going
through "Constitution of Binary Alloys" is tough slogging.) 
Refractory (mp over 1200 C) borides, carbides, and silicides are
low priority.

Post 'em if you've got 'em.  Thank you!

Uncle Al
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