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Mon Dec 10 11:12:19 EST 2001

bionet.xtallography is a moderated newsgroup.

Group submission address:   xtal-log at

For your newsgroups file:
bionet.xtallography		Discussions about protein crystallography. (Moderated)

 This newgroup message changes bionet.xtallography to moderated
 as discussed in the group.

 NOTE: the moderated bionet newsgroups follow the convention that
 articles can be delivered to the moderator by forming an address
 consisting of the newsgroup name with the dots changed to dashes (i.e., articles go to
 bionet-software-www at If you run INN, you can
 add "bionet.*:%s at" to /usr/lib/news/moderators to
 achieve the same effect.

This newsgroup will be moderated by:

	Catherine L. Lawson <lawson at>

Unapproved posts and posts with forged approval are subject to
cancellation without notice.

The guidelines for proper use of the Usenet News System as stated in the
rules of netiquette posted to news.announce.newgroups are to be followed
in the bionet newsgroups.  In particular, the following rules apply:

  *  No commercial advertising.
  *  No Excessive Multiple Posting and Excessive Cross-Posting (EMP/ECP,
     also known as "spam") involving these newsgroups.
  *  No pyramid or Ponzi schemes (including chain letters).
  *  No binary posts.

Violations of these specific rules may result in article cancellation
without notice even if cross-posted to groups outside the bionet

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