Rogerio Meneghini rogmeneg at lnls.br
Fri Feb 9 14:54:35 EST 2001


The Center of Molecular Structural Biology (CBME) at the National Laboratory
of Synchrotron Light (LNLS) at Campinas, Brasil (http:/www.lnls.br) has a
position open for a protein crystallographer. Several groups are acting at
the CBME in the areas of  protein crystallography, NMR spectroscopy of
proteins and peptides, (600 and 500 mHertz), CD, infra-red and fluorescence
spectroscopy, molecular biology and biochemistry. A dedicated protein
crystallograpy  beamline has been operating since 1997 and up to now about
twenty protein structures have been solved. We are set up to go all the way
through  gene cloning, protein expression, protein purification,
spectrography, NMR and X-ray diffraction determination of protein
structures. A wiggler device inserted into the synchrotron ring plus a MAD
mode protein crystallography beamline are programmed to be in operation in
one and half year, which will improve significantly the resolution power of
structures determination.
	 Our project of Structural Genomics is about to start. You may have an idea
of it if you access the FAPESP homepage (http://www.fapesp.br). It is
becoming clear that we  have to increase our group of crystallographers. A
successful post-doctoral tenure is an important requirement for those
interested. Another requirement is that the candidate should be willing to
establish its own group. For this,  the candidate  would have to be granted
by a Brazilian Research Foundation (FAPESP or CNPq)    which a good CV and a
relevant  project practically guarantee. A typical grant in this area
averages US$ 200,000 for a period of 3 years, only for equipment and
consumable. Fellowships for students and post-doctoral fellows  are
requested from a different program. Also very important,  the candidate
should  be willing to participate enthusiastically in the Structural
Genomics Program, which relies on a distinct collective  funding and which,
as you may check in FAPESP homepage,  involves helping other laboratories to
getting acquainted with structure determination.
Salary will  be in the range of 40,000-60,000 reais a year, which in terms
of cost of living corresponds to the same amount in dollars (although this
does not hold for a direct conversion). If you have any interest at all in
this position email me and we may pursue further this goal.

Rogerio Meneghini
Centro de Biologia Molecular Estrutural
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