Mike Glazer glazer at
Tue Jan 23 09:16:39 EST 2001

CryoPad 1.0 is a simple-to-use Microsoft Windows based program available
FREE to all 700 series Cryostream Cooler users. It allows remote monitoring
of the status of a Cryostream, and is a valuable tool whenever Cryostream is
running in an inaccessible or inconvenient location.

CryoPad 1.0 uses a special serial cable (shipped with all 700 Series
Cryostream Coolers) to collect status information issued once per second by
the Cryostream Controller. This information is then formatted and displayed
on an 'instrument panel'. The information may also be logged in a format
suitable for analysis and graphing by programs such as Microsoft Excel. One
novel feature of CryoPad 1.0 is a facility for creating and continuously
updating a web version of the instrument panel. This file can then be viewed
using a standard browser on any computer, potentially even one in a
different country.

For more information and to DOWNLOAD a FREE copy, visit the CryoPad web site

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