Version 2.6 of Raster3D graphics package released

Ethan A Merritt merritt at
Tue Jul 10 00:28:32 EST 2001

I have made a new version of the Raster3D graphics package 
(version 2.6b) available on Raster3D web site

Some changes in Version 2.6 compared to earlier versions:

	+ Linux binary and source RPMs of the distribution available

	+ V2.6 supports bounding planes as part of a material description.
	  This allows, for example, depicting 'slices' through a solid
	  volume bounded by a molecular surface.  rastep now uses this
	  mechanism to draw ORTEP-like thermal ellipsoids (1 octant missing)

	+ the limit of 2 layers of transparency is removed; 
	  render can now handle any number of occluding transparent objects

	+ render accepts command line options -shadow -noshadow and -zoom

	+ the label3d script has been changed for compatibility with
	  ImageMagick 5.3.2 (hopefully it still works with older versions)

				Ethan A Merritt
				merritt at

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