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Heidi Singer hragland at u.washington.edu
Tue Jul 10 19:10:46 EST 2001

POSITION OPEN:  RESEARCH SCIENTIST - Cloning, expression and
purification of DNA-binding proteins from tropical pathogens.

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Applications are invited for a Research Scientist
position in Wim Hol's group on a project aiming at solving protein
structures of DNA-binding proteins from important pathogenic protozoans
responsible for several  of the most rampant diseases worldwide,
including tuberculosis, malaria, sleeping sickness, Chagas' disease, and
the several forms of leishmaniasis.
    One group of proteins studied consists of the iron-dependent
repressor (IdeR) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other related
regulators. Another group consists of topoisomerases I which  are
enzymes which relax overwound and underwound DNA by transient covalent
complex formation. The goal is to arrive at large amounts of proteins
and well-diffracting crystals of protein-DNA complexes, and of ternary
protein-DNA-inhibitor complexes. Collaborations are in place with
biochemists to study the mode of action of these proteins, and with
synthetic chemists to arrive at novel and improved selective inhibitors.

JOB REQUIREMENTS:  A Ph.D. or B.Sc. in Biochemistry or Molecular
Biology, with experience in cloning, expression and purification of
proteins.  Knowledge of DNA-binding proteins would be ideal.

INSTITUTION:   Department of Biochemistry & Howard Hughes Medical
                           Biomolecular Structure Center
                           School of Medicine
                           Box 357742
                           University of Washington
                           Seattle, WA, 98195  USA

SCIENTIFIC ENVIRONMENT: The research will take place within the
framework of the Biomolecular Structure Center of the University of
Washington. The Center brings together several groups involved in
Structural, Chemical and Computational Biology and is well equipped with
area detectors, calorimeters, fluorimeters, chromatography systems and
state of the art instruments for protein expression, purification and
crystallization. The School of Medicine of the University of Washington
provides an exceptionally rich scientific environment. In addition,
close interactions exist with the Department of Chemistry in relation to
several structure-guided drug design projects.

WHAT TO DO: Please send a full CV, list of publications, a brief
description of research interests and experience, plus a list of three
references by mail or email to Wim Hol.

PHONE:  206-685-7044
FAX:  206-685-7002
EMAIL:  hol at gouda.bmsc.washington.edu
WEBSITE:  http://www.bmsc.washington.edu/WimHol

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