XDS - X-ray Detector Software by Wolfgang Kabsch website

L. Cranswick lzc at dl.ac.uk
Fri Jun 1 00:16:00 EST 2001

The XDS software is now available via the web:

"X-ray Detector Software for processing single-crystal monochromatic 
diffraction data recorded by the rotation method."


"XDS is free of charge for non-commercial applications; a license 
is required for industrial usage"

(there is also a summary of available CCD Control and CCD 
Processing Software for Crystallography at:
   http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/solution/ccd_software/  )


Executables in the XDS package: 

     xdsman - Shell-script that provides the xds manuals.
        Calling xdsman, the user may select the manual he wants to see. 

     xdstemplate - Shell-script that provides templates for XDS 
        input files in the user's selected data processing directory. 

     xds - Main data processing program for rotation images. A 
        program description is given in file 'xds.man'. 

     xscale - Scaling program for xds-produced data sets. A program 
        description is given in file 'xscale.man'. 

     xdsconv - Converts reflection intensities as generated by xds 
        to amplitudes in a format suitable for CNS and other

     structure solution program packages. A program description is 
        given in file 'xdsconv.man'. 

     xplan - Program to help planning data collection. A program 
        description is given in file 'xplan.man'. 

     VIEW - Program to look at images (Author W.Gebhard). Type 
        VIEW -h to get a program description. 

     cellparm - Estimates cell constants from a number of XDS-runs. 
        A program description is given in file 'cellparm.man'. 

     xspot - Interactive program to extract strong diffraction spots 
        from file PROFIT.HKL for use in the IDXREF step. 

     2pck - Converts detector images into files of type CCP4, compressed 
        by J.P.Abraham's algorithm. The converted (and compressed) images 
        are acceptable to xds. A program description is given in file 



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