Hydrothermal Technology for Crystal Growth

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Norwich, N.Y. - William Andrew Publishing announces the publication of a
unique new book on the methods of hydrothermal technique - "Handbook of
Hydrothermal Technology: Technology for Crystal Growth and Materials
Processing." This handbook provides a single source for understanding how
aqueous solvents or mineralizers work under temperature and pressure to
dissolve and recrystallize normally insoluble materials, and decompose or
recycle waste material. The result is the most efficient method in crystal
growth, materials processing and waste treatment.

Quartz, zeolites, gemstones, perovskite type oxides, ferrites, carbon
allotropes, complex coordinated compounds and many other products are now
produced using hydrothermal technology. This handbook gives a comprehensive
overview of the subject, and a detailed description of all the major methods
of hydrothermal technique in use today. While the book covers theory, it is
aimed at practical applications in the lab and in industry.

Key features of the book include: (1) A look at the evolution of the
technology from geology to a technology with widespread industrial use
today. (2) Descriptions of the equipment used (autoclave) and how it works.
(3) A look at the problems involved with the growth of crystals, processing
technological materials, and environmental and safety issues. (4) An
analysis of where today's technology is heading.

"Hydrothermal Technology" is written by two experts - Dr. K. Byrappa and Dr.
Masahiro Yoshimura. Dr. Byrappa is a professor at the University of Mysore
in India, specializing in hydrothermal techniques, crystal growth and
materials processing. He has published over 120 research articles, edited
several books, and has worked in several international laboratories. Dr.
Yoshimura is a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he is
director of the Center for Materials Design, Materials and Structure Lab.
Dr. Yoshimura is editor of a number of books and author of more than 500
research articles.

Because hydrothermal technology is an interdisciplinary science, those who
would be interested in this book include physicists, chemists, engineers,
food scientists, organic chemists, materials scientists, earth scientists,
environmental scientists, ceramists and those in industry involved with
crystal growth and materials science.

List of Chapters:

1.  Hydrothermal Technology: Principles and Applications
2.  History of Hydrothermal Technology
3.  Apparatus (Autoclaves)
4.  Physical Chemistry of Hydrothermal Growth of Crystals
5.  Hydrothermal Growth of Some Selected Crystals
6.  Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zeolites
7.  Hydrothermal Synthesis of Complex Coordinated Crystals
8.  Hydrothermal Synthesis and Crystal Growth of Fluorides,
    Sulfides, Tungstates, Molybdates and Related Compounds
9.  Hydrothermal Synthesis of Native Elements and Simple Oxides
10. Hydrothermal Processing of Materials

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ISBN 0-8155-1445-X * 875 PAGES * (C)2001

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