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Catherine L. Lawson <lawson at> wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>Are you fed up with spam on xtal-log like I am?  

Yes. In fact for some time now I have been on the edge of dropping it from 
my newsreader altogether.

>Benefits of moderation:  No more garbage mail to wade through.  The list 
>can therefore serve its intended purpose of being a valuable tool to help 
>us all with our science, instead of being an annoyance.

This is of course the desired result.  It is quite possible for spammers
to forge the moderation approval, though.  I don't know how widespread 
that is.  Yet.  But eventually it would happen.

>Drawback: Messages suitable for the list will be slightly delayed in 
>posting.  (I will find suitable substitutes during periods I am away or on 

Not a problem for most messages.

>If you have any strong opinions, positive or negative, about to converting 
>xtal-log to a moderated group, please post them to the group: 
>xtal-log at

That is not a valid usenet group that can be posted to.  
Did you mean people should Email there?

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