Check this stock out I think it will pop

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Tue Oct 30 15:02:56 EST 2001

American Ammunition, Inc. (OTCBB: AAMI)


OTCBB: AAMI obtains Pre-Approval from DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE for 
ammunition sales

American Ammunition, Inc. (AAMI), formed in 1983, is a fully reporting
company that has grown to become a significant force in the small arms
ammunition market. AAMI products can be found throughout the world in
commercial, law enforcement, military applications, and special order
ammunition for the Department of Defense.

Defense Department Affiliation: AAMI has designed and manufactured a
specialized type of ammunition that can safely be used in airplanes as
it will not damage the body of the aircraft, called the fuselage.

AAMI started to trade last week on the OTCBB and is practically 
unknown. As news of contractual developments are released, this stock
could explode beyond $3 per share!

AAMI has over $7 MILLION in assets and less than 4 million shares inthe 
float. With these type of numbers, plus their rising revenues, we 
anticipate huge volume along with rapid analyst coverage and broker 

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