BioSync Survey -- Last Call.

Robert Sweet sweet at
Wed Sep 26 08:24:51 EST 2001

I append below the request we sent out a month ago, to respond to the
survey being taken:

We've had over 200 responses.  Last time, in '97, there were 260. 

Please respond to this survey if you've not done it already.  It's
important to the future of synchrotron radiation research in North
America.  We'll close out the site in about two weeks.


Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 13:18:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Robert Sweet <sweet at>
Subject: North American Synchrotron Users: Please read this.  It's important.

The U.S. granting agencies need to understand trends in use, and future
demand for the synchrotron facilities we use for structural biology work.
Please have a look at the survey being taken:

In order to count everyone, and count everyone only once, we ask principal
investigators or group leaders only to respond.  If you are not a PI or group

This is very important; please respond at once.

	Robert M. Sweet			E-Dress: sweet at (that's L
	Biology Dept.			Phones:                    not 1)
	Brookhaven Nat'l Lab.	*New*	631 344 3401  (Office)
	Upton, NY  11973	Area	631 344 5642  (Beamline at NSLS)
	U.S.A.			Code	631 344 2741 or 3407  (Facsimile)


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