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                             CALL FOR PROPOSALS

The deadline for proposals to the crystallography beamline XRD1, at
the Elettra Synchrotron Light Source, Trieste, Italy is:

                             AUGUST 31st, 2002

The allocation of beam time for the period January 1st to June 30th 2003  will be based on these proposals.

XRD1 light source is a multipole wiggler with a useful energy range from 4 to 25 keV (0.5 - 2.9 A).

The station is avaliable for conventional single wavelength data collection
as well as for anomalous scattering and MAD applications, exploiting the
optical design which is suited for accurate wavelength changes required
by the MAD technique. The experimental station is equipped with a MAR CCD
or Mar345 Image  Plate  detectors.

The accessible energy range allows for diffraction  experiments at long
wavelenghts. Helium purged beam path and cooling system based on He at 100K
are available for these experiments. OxfordCryosystems pressure cell and a
home-made pressure cell are available to users for derivatisation of crystals with Xe.

For more information please look at:

Information regarding the XRD1 beamline can be found at:

Application forms which should be completed on-line can be found at:

The "Guidelines for Proposal Submission" are available at the following web

Elettra is an Italian National Laboratory.  Financial support is available for users coming
from UE and Associated Countries: ;

and also for users coming from developing countries through the "ICTP-ELETTRA Users Programme":

Please check in which category you may be included and apply accordingly.

                 ****************LONG TERM PROJECTS**************

ELETTRA accepts a limited number of long term projects. These are allocations of beam
time over a two-year period. Please, click the box "long term project" in the proposal form.

Applicants are asked to give detailed reasons why the project needs a long term commitment,
rather than a 6-month rolling allocation of beam time. Proposers awarded long term status will
not be required to submit new proposals relating to the project every six months;
however, an interim report after the first year of the project will be required.

Kristina Djinovic Carugo
Structural Biology Laboratory
ELETTRA - Sincrotrone Trieste in Area Science Park
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34012 Trieste

phone: (+39) 040 375 8059          phone(home):(+39) 040 215 8205
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