buying a new Linux number cruncher - Pentium 3 or Xeon processors?

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at
Mon Dec 9 03:41:47 EST 2002

For a number cruncher, why do you prefer a dual processor box instead of two
single-processor ones ? Size ? Or are you planning to run two-processor jobs
We have very successfully used small clusters of top-line Linux-driven
Athlons for our crystallographic processing, they were both cheaper and
faster than their contemporary Intel equivalents. Last purchase was about a
year ago - I am not 100% sure that the same will hold today.

"Daniel Peisach" <peisach at> wrote in message
news:MW6I9.1507$ho1.104051 at
> Hello people.
> My lab is going to be purchasing a new linux box to run the usual
> collection of crystallographic programs, such as CCP4, CNS, O, XtalView,
>   etc.
> We're looking into dual processor machines from Dell, and have the
> choice of using Pentium III or Xeon processors.  The Xeon processors
> have faster clock and bus speeds, but would anyone have some insight
> into which is better for crystallography programs?  I think that you can
> purchase a dual 1.4 GHz P3 machine for about the same cost as a dual 2.1
> GHz Xeon.

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