buying a new Linux number cruncher - Pentium 3 or Xeon processors?

Daniel Peisach peisach at
Mon Dec 9 10:24:21 EST 2002

Hello people.

My lab is going to be purchasing a new linux box to run the usual 
collection of crystallographic programs, such as CCP4, CNS, O, XtalView, 

We're looking into dual processor machines from Dell, and have the 
choice of using Pentium III or Xeon processors.  The Xeon processors 
have faster clock and bus speeds, but would anyone have some insight 
into which is better for crystallography programs?  I think that you can 
purchase a dual 1.4 GHz P3 machine for about the same cost as a dual 2.1 
GHz Xeon.

Thanks for any suggestions.

(peisach at

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