Call for proposals for Synchrotron beamtime

Steve Ginell ginell at
Thu Feb 7 09:22:07 EST 2002

Call for proposals for Synchrotron beamtime at the Structural
Biology Center beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source

The Structural Biology Center (SBC) at Argonne National
Laboratory Advanced Photon Source announces that both the
insertion-device and bending magnetic beamlines are fully
available for user research. The SBC invites from the user
community proposals for beamtime at its national user facility for
macromolecular crystallography. The SBC Collaborative Access
Team (CAT) located at APS sector 19 operates an insertion-device
beamline, 19ID, and a bending-magnet beamline, 19BM. Both
beamlines are equipped with a fully tunable monochromator
designed to reach most absorption-edge energies (19ID: 6.5 ­
19.0 KeV and 19BM: 6.5 ­ 13 KeV) routinely used in
macromolecular crystallography and x-ray optics designed to
deliver a stable, intense, highly focused x-ray beam with low
angular divergence onto protein crystal samples. The crystal
environment includes a Kappa geometry goniostat,
high-resolution long distance microscopes, cryogenic crystal
coolers, high sensitivity fluorescence detectors, and a low noise
210 x 210 mm CCD detector. The insertion device beamline is
ideally suited for very challenging projects such as: small, weakly
diffracting crystals, projects having very large unit cells, ultra-high
resolution structures and MAD/SAD experiments. The bending
magnetic beamline is ideally suited for those projects requiring
very accurate MAD/SAD measurements. Data can be processed
with HKL2000, MOSFILM or d*TREK. Crystallographic software to
analyze MAD data is available to users.
Beamtime on the 19ID and 19BM beamlines are available to the
crystallo-graphic research community via a peer reviewed
proposal system. The proposal evaluation is based upon the
projects¹ scientific merit, need for synchrotron time at the SBC
facility, feasibility of conducting the experiments at the SBC, and
the probability of success of the project. Proposals will be
accepted on continual bases.
Additional information and proposal submission forms can be
obtained from the SBC web site ( ). For
further information, please contact Stephan L. Ginell, Ph.D., User
Program Coordinator, at ginell at or 630-252-3972.


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