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Mark A Saper saper at
Sun Jun 9 11:21:29 EST 2002

Hi Chris,

I recently rebuilt Duncan McRee's McMolw to work on OS X.  It still 
has some bugs but I've been using it consistantly since September. 
You should contact Molecular Images 
( directly at info at 
and ask for it (it is version 1.4b4).

Good luck,

--On Friday, June 7, 2002 9:11 PM +0100 Chris Upton <cupton at> 

> I'd like to know what people are using to view protein structures on
> Mac OS X.  Also what work well as a helper to the NCBI structure
> site. I've had problems getting anything to work and automatically
> load the pdb file.
> Chris Upton

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