CNS script: uppercase filenames.

Walter Lloyd Ash wlash at
Fri Jun 14 19:27:18 EST 2002

I'm using CNS to load coordinate files from a list, one at a time, with
the following line:

for $filename in ( @@ list.txt ) loop clusterit
  do some stuff to $filename
end loop clusterit

The problem I'm having is that CNS is capitalizing every line it pulls
from $clusterfile, and this is problematic because I have mixed-case
filenames and therefore can't actually do anything with the $filename
variable as it does not match the actual filename I'm trying to access.
Does anybody have any insight?  I'd rather not capitalize every filename,
because I have a huge pile of structures and a number of other CNS scripts
that expect a certain file naming convention and capitalization.

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