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National Synchrotron Light Source Annual Users' Meeting

Monday - Wednesday  -  May 20 - 22, 2002


Monday, May 20

- Environmental Sciences: Synchrotrons Providing Powerful Tools for a
New Science
  organized by Douglas Hunter, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory


- X-ray Sources for Studies of Ultrafast Processes
  organized by John Sutherland, BNL


- EXAFS Studies of Nanoscale and Nanostructured Materials
  organized by Vincent Harris, Naval Research Laboratory

- Practical Aspects of Membrane Protein Crystallography: From
Overexpression to Crystallization
   organized by Larry Shapiro, Columbia University and Filippo Mancia,
Columbia University


Wednesday, May 22

- Recent Advances in the Application of Synchrotron Radiation to
  organized by Simon Bare, UOP


- Combining Synchrotron Infrared and X-ray Micro-Spectroscopy and
  organized by Lisa Miller and Antonio Lanzirotti, NSLS


- In situ Studies of Materials Processing
  organized by Karl Ludwig, Boston University, Randy Headrick,
University of and Chi-Chang Kao, NSLS


- Advanced Detectors Development
  organized by D. Peter Siddons, NSLS



All scientists, researchers, post docs and students are encouraged to
posters exhibiting their research at the NSLS for the Poster Session to
held during Annual Users' Meeting. Multiple entries by the same author
permitted. In addition, post docs and students may enter their poster(s)
the Poster Contest. Cash prizes will be awarded and the winning posters
be exhibited in the NSLS Lobby after the close of the Users' Meeting and

Workshops. Deadline for poster registration is April 26.

Main Meeting

Tuesday, May 21

Keynote speaker: Dr. John Marburger, (Director of the Office of Science
and Technology)


                Richard Osgood, Jr., Associate Laboratory Director for
Basic Energy Sciences, BNL
                BNL BES Programs Update

                Steve Dierker, NSLS Chairman
                NSLS Update

                Congressman Felix Grucci

                John Marburger, Director of the Office of Science and
Technology,  Executive Office of the President of
                 the United States
                Science Based Science Policy

                 Pat Dehmer, Associate Director of Science for Basic
Energy Sciences, DOE
                 DOE BES Report

                Jan Genzer, NCSU
                Probing the Chemistry and Molecular Orientation in
Gradient Surfaces With Soft X-rays

                Ron Pindak, NSLS/BNL
                Resonant X-Ray Scattering: A Unique Probe of the
Changing Orientational Order
               that Underlies the Rich Morphology of Phases Exhibited by
Rod-Shaped and Banana-Shaped
                Liquid Crystal Molecules

                Karl Ludwig, Boston U.
                In situ X-Ray Studies of Materials Processing

                Judith Vaitukaitis, Director of the National Center for
Research Resources NCRR/NIH
                The Evolving Paradigm for Biomedical Research

                Rod MacKinnon, Rockefeller University
                Ion Channel Structure and Function

                Joachim Stohr, SSRL
                Toward an X-Ray Free Electron Laser: History, Concepts,
and Visions of Science

                Richard Swaja, Senior Science Advisor and Acting
Director, Division of Biomedical Imaging,  NIH
                Biomedical Research Opportunities at the NIBIB

                Lisa Miller, NSLS/BNL
                Biomedical Applications of Synchrotron Infrared

                Zhong Zhong, NSLS/BNL
                Diffraction Enhanced Imaging: Principle and Applications
to Breast Cancer and Osteoarthritis Research

For registration and meeting and workshop information, go to:


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