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Wed Apr 2 08:49:18 EST 2003

New MSD Services Announcement:

 The EBI/MSD database group have now made available search
 interfaces to the Oracle data warehouse derived from the PDB

 These include a relatively simple text search system, MSDlite;
 a drag&drop interface MSDpro that allows users to create their
 own query structure; and a PDB ligand environment interface, MSDsite.

 Each interface produces a result hit list of multiple PDB ID codes
 which can then be viewed using an EBI/MSD extension to the
 AstexViewer that integrates sequence, structure and properties into
 the one package.  The results of a search can be viewed and
 manipulated in groups of structures rather than in a one-by-one
 sequential manner, thus allowing for the ready visualisation of
 similarities and differences in the retrieved structures.

 The data warehouse and search facilities are beta systems and contain
 about 19,500 PDB entries.

 The Lite search system interface does not require java, although to
 view results within the structure viewer it is necessary to have
 version Java 1.1 or higher.  This limitation is met by the minimum
 installation of all known versions of popular browsers.  The
 drag&drop interface inlcudes XML/Soap based webservices and requires
 Java 1.4 installed in your browser. Instructions to install Java 1.4
 will be automatically shown if your browser is not enabled.

 Access to the new systems is via:

 Please Note: For all systems 'about' and 'help' facilities are
 available on each web page and within a service these are usually
 specific to the page you are working on.

 This work is funded in part by the Wellcome Trust, and the EU (TEMBLOR).

Macromolecular Structure Database
European Bioinformatics Institute
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
CB10 1SD


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