Crystallographic and Xtal educational software by Nicholas Glykos

L. Cranswick lzc at
Tue Apr 8 15:47:35 EST 2003

A quick post listing the Unix based crystallographic and 
crystallographic teaching software by Nicholas Glykos 
avaiable on the web - and mirrored on the CCP14 website:

 - GraphEnt (a maximum entropy program with graphics capabilities); 

 - Queen of Spades (A stochastic approach to Molecular Replacement);

 - "Pepinsky's Machine" (interactive, graphics-based Fourier synthesis
    program with applications in teaching and research); 

 - mcps (a program that will allow the automatically plotting of a section
    from a CCP4 map file using both a grayscale representation and contour

 - carma (principal component analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories
    (also known as essential dynamics analysis)); 

 - Spherical harmonics (plots (and spins) sherical harmonics plots, and
    allow the changing of values). 


Original Nicholas Glykos website:

With CCP14 mirrors at:

 CCP14 UK Mirror:
CA CCP14 Mirror:
US CCP14 Mirror
AU CCP14 Mirror


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