Robert Sweet sweet at bnl.gov
Thu Apr 17 06:34:29 EST 2003

Dear Annie,

I've learned that you're the publicity agent for the Users' meeting.
Thanks for agreeing to do that!

Here is the list of bulletinboards I use to announce beam time:
          <ccp4bb at dl.ac.uk>,
          cnsbb at yahoogroups.com,
          o-info at o-info.imsb.au.dk,
          pdb-l at rcsb.org,
          Users of the NSLS PX Beamlines <pxusers at vivaldi.bio.bnl.gov>,
          x-plor at net.bio.net,
          xtal-log at net.bio.net

I'd be happy to send out the publicity stuff for you if you like, but it's
better if you do it.

Best regards,

	Robert M. Sweet			E-Dress: sweet at bnl.gov
	Biology Dept.					 ^ (that's L
	Brookhaven Nat'l Lab.		Phones:		     not 1)
	Upton, NY  11973		631 344 3401  (Office)
	U.S.A.				631 344 2741  (Facsimile)


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