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<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/>FUTURE OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 

Wednesday May 7th, Thursday May 8th, 9am 5:15 pm

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Under the auspices of the <http://www.nysbc.org/>New York Structural 
Biology Center, and its <http://www.nysbc.org/#participants>member 
institutions, leading investigators will gather in New York in May to 
discuss the future of structural biology. The schedule includes 
Springer, <http://www.bio.brandeis.edu/faculty01/derosier.html>David 
DeRosier, <http://wunmr.wustl.edu/Faculty/Schaefer>Jacob Schaefer, 
<http://www.bio.purdue.edu/Bioweb/People/Faculty/smithj.html>Janet Smith, 
<http://www.hhmi.org/research/investigators/frank.html>Joachim Frank, 
Feigon,  <http://www.sbg.bio.ic.ac.uk/people/mike/mike.html>Michael 
Sternberg, <http://www.mbb.yale.edu/fl/fl_p_moore.htm>Peter Moore, 
<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/sanders>Charles Sanders, 
<http://www.chem.utoronto.ca/people/academic/kayl.html>Lewis Kay, 
<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/fesik.html>Stephen Fesik, 
<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/baumeister.html>Wolfgang Baumeister, 
Hendrickson and others invited. Sessions will be chaired by distinguished 
local faculty, <http://www.aecom.yu.edu/home/sggd/faculty/almo.htm>Steven 
Almo, <http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/10829.cfm>Dinshaw Patel, 
<http://www.csi.cuny.edu/divsci/stark.htm>Ruth Stark, and 
<http://skirball.med.nyu.edu/%7Estokes/>David Stokes. The current speaker 
and title list is

Weds. May 7, AM, Chair, Dinshaw Patel, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute

Kurt Wüthrich, ETHZ & Scripps Institute, 'NMR in structural and functional 

Timothy Springer, Harvard Medical School, 'Integrins, beta-propellers, and 
predicted and experimental structures'

David DeRosier, Brandeis University, 'Structure of the chemotaxis machinery'

Weds. May 7, PM, Chair, David Stokes, NYU Medical School & NYSBC

Wolfgang Baumeister, Max Plank Institut, 'Electron tomography: visualizing 
macromolecular structures in intact cells'

Jacob Schaefer, Washington University, St. Louis, 'Redor characterization 
of protein binding sites'

William Weis, Stanford University, 'beta-catenin in cell adhesion and Wnt 

Joachim Frank, Wadsworth Center & HHMI, 'What makes it tick? Attempts to 
understand the dynamics of the ribosome using Cryo EM'

Thurs. May 8, AM, Chair, Ruth Stark, City University of New York

Stephen Fesik, Abbott Labs, 'Structural biology in drug research'

Michael Sternberg, Imperial College, London, 'The role of bioinformatics in 
structural genomics projects'

Juli Feigon, UCLA, 'Biophysical studies of telomerase RNA structure and 
mutations linked to disease'

Janet Smith, Purdue University, 'Complex enzymes: past and future'

Thurs. May 8, PM, Chair, Steven Almo, Einstein Coll. Medicine

Peter Moore, Yale University, 'Solving big structures the ribosome'

Charles Sanders, Vanderbilt University, 'Membrane protein misfolding and 

Lewis Kay, University of Toronto, 'Looking to the future with NMR'

Wayne Hendrickson, Columbia University & HHMI, 'Conformational Adaptability 
in the HIV envelope glycoprotein gp120'

Because of changes in travel details and other unavoidable issues, the 
session allocation and order of speakers may be changed up to the last 
minute. See the web site for the most recent version.


Structural biology will provide exceptional new advances in basic biology 
and in the understanding and treatment of human disease. Recent advances in 
genomics and proteomics provide significant opportunities for structural 
biology to define the molecular basis of disease-causative processes, for 
the development of new therapeutics. In addition, this detailed 
understanding of the building blocks of the cell permit us to integrate the 
molecular and cellular levels by investigating macromolecular machines At 
this conference, international leaders in the areas of structural biology 
magnetic resonance, cryoelectron microscopy, crystallography and 
informatics will present their view of where structural biology is now, and 
what its future holds.


The meeting will be held over two days with 40-60lectures from the 
speakers. There will be coffee and other breaks to encourage 
discussions.  There is additionally a meeting on 
<http://saturn.med.nyu.edu/symposium/2003/program.html>Structural Biology 
at NYU Medical Center on the Friday following, May 


The meeting will be held in the ARONOW THEATRE in the North Academic Center 
of City College of New York.  The entrance is at 136th St & Convent Avenue.

<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/directions.htm>          Travel 

<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/map1.gif>          Map.

<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/gex.jpg>          Aerial View.


There is no fee to attend. To assist us in planning, please pre-register by 
<mailto:attend at nysbc.org?subject=Attend%20FUSB2003>e-mailing your interest 
(to attend at nysbc.org), please indicate the number attending of your 
group.   Please address any other questions to 
<mailto:nysbc at nysbc.org?subject=FUSB2003%20query>nysbc at nysbc.org.

<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/poster1.pdf>Please download the 
poster(s) for the conference by clicking here.


Lectures will start at 9 am. The complete schedule will be posted here 
one-two days in advance. Because of travel and other considerations, the 
exact times of presentations may be changed without notice.

<http://futurestructuralbiology.org/poster1.pdf>WEB PAGE IN CONSTRUCTION 
look again soon for update and completed version.  We gratefully 
acknowledge the background images prepared by Prof. Andrej 


<http://www.salilab.org/>After 2003... It is planned to repeat this themed 
conference biannually. In the alternate years, the New York Structural 
Biology Center will organize conferences of its own investigators, focusing 
on giving younger investigators their opportunity to present.


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