Final Call for Submissions: Subtle Technologies 2003

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Subtle Technologies Conference
May 23 - May 25 2003
University of Toronto
Toronto Canada


Established in 1998, Subtle Technologies is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to investigating the relationships between art, science and technology. Every May we present the Subtle Technologies festival at the University of Toronto. This multidisciplinary event invites artists, scientists, technologists and theorists to discuss, demonstrate and exhibit their work.

The festival is an opportunity to explore areas still searching for definitions, explanations and meaning. It is our goal to have a varied program to provide a forum for the cross pollination of ideas.Previous conferences have featured quantum physicists Dr Gilles Brassard, Dr Aephraim Steinberg, Dr Scott Menary, geneticist Dr.Josef Penninger, nonlinear physicist Dr. Stephen Morris, topologist Dr Som Naimpally, culture theorist Erik Davis, choreographer Johannes Birringer, architect  Phillip Beesley, AI researcher Demetri Terzopoulos etc.
2003 Programs Seeking Proposals :

General Symposium: Throughout the three days of presentations, we aim to cover a wide variety of subjects. In the past, topics addressed include  quantum physics , quantum computing and other unconventional computing technologies, music, dance, consciousness research, holography, animation, genetics, sonic explorations, sensing systems and devices, social systems, complexity theory, and artificial intelligence.The programming of the general symposium is shaped by the submissions of each year and is meant to broaden the scope of disciplines or areas of research for those who attend. People who have attended the conference remark that although the individual topics at the conference are extremely interesting it is often the threads that are woven between the various presentations made by speakers from varied disciplines that make the conference a unique experience .  We strongly encourage interested applicants to submit proposals that are outside the topics mentioned above if !
ey feel their proposal fits into the general mandate of the festival. Please visit the archives at: to acquaint yourself with the history of our programming.

This year we will also be presenting a themed session during the conference."Ground? is a program exploring new technologies in architecture and urban planning. Topics may include but are not limited to, intelligent buildings, smart materials, alternative energy systems, surveillance, the effect of architecture on traffic flow, architecture and its affect on mood,organic architecture and nano-structures.

The festival is open to the public and presentations must be accessible to a non-specialized audience.
Each presentation is 40 minutes, followed by a ten minute question and answer period.
It is strongly recommended that parties interested in submitting a proposal visit our archives at to get a better idea of our programming. Presenters are responsible for paying for their accomodations and transportation to Toronto. All presenters receive an honorarium and their conference registration fees are waived.

Deadline for Proposals:   January 20, 2003. How to Apply
Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure accurate and timely consideration of your proposal. Proposals must include:
Cover Sheet (see directions below)
A one page proposal or summary of your presentation
Your C.V. or resume ( no longer than 3 pages)
Do not send additional material. We will contact you for more information if needed.

Cover Sheet must include:
Phone Number (include area code)
E-mail address (web site if available)
Program you are submitting to: (described above)
Title of Your Presentation:
Basic Topic:
Technical Requirements:

We prefer to receive proposals by email. Please send proposals to  cinetron at

If you prefer, you can mail your proposals to: Subtle Technologies Programming
258 Salem Avenue, Toronto ON
Canada, M6H 3C7

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