Gilson Cyberlab C-200 question

Martin Steel Martin.Steel at
Thu Jan 23 09:13:05 EST 2003

Hello all,

we are selling our Gilson Cyberlab C-200 full automation for Vapor Diffusion
Protein Crystallography
If you have an interest, please see the specs below

Control Software:
Protein Crystal Multidrop Edition and CYBOS (Cyberlab Operating Software)
Sampler Type:
Gantry style XYZ with stationary rack design
Pumping System:
External syringe pumps
Liquid Dispensing Precision:
2.8% C.V. using a 20 5l disposable tip at 1 5l
Pipette Tip Capacity:
10 5l and 1 ml
Power Requirements:
10A for 100-120V or 5A for 220-240V
Vacuum Requirements:
24" Hg
Compressed Air Requirements:
85 psi, dry, filtered
Syringe Flow Rates:
Adjustable for viscous samples

Martin Steel

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