Free Bioinformatics Software from Molsoft LLC

Molsoft Info andy at
Tue Jun 3 08:43:55 EST 2003

Molsoft LLC would like to announce the release of a FREE bioinformatic, 
computational biology and chemistry software tool called ICM BROWSER. 
Some of the highlights of this easy to use graphical user interface 
program are:

- reads PDB files, sequences, alignments or internal binary multi-object 
- contains rich sequence-structure visualization tools
- saves high resolution molecular images 
- colored alignments of publication quality
- a powerful PDB search and visualization engine
- easy calculation of RMSD between structures
- structure annotation

To download your FREE version simply fill out the registration form:

Information about other Molsoft products such as molecular modeling 
packages, protein-protein docking and virtual ligand screening tools can 
be found here at

MolSoft is a San Diego company that is a primary source of new 
breakthrough technologies in computational chemistry and biology. Molsoft 
is committed to solving intellectually challenging problems in drug 
discovery and computational biology.


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