tutorial for macromolecular crystallography?

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at cinci.rr.com
Mon Mar 10 21:30:59 EST 2003


Best way to learn is to practice. If you know small molecule
crystallography, then you're no stranger to symmetry and probably know a
fair deal regarding the phase problem. Macromolecular crystallography is
heavily infested with protein chemistry and protein/NA/carbohydrate
structure - there is no way around it :) so getting a few good books on the
subject would be a good idea.

Nothing can replace experience, as far as crystallization of proteins is
concerned - however there are multiple examples of proteins that are easily
crystallizeable and commercially available - all the tools and kits are easy
to get from several well-known sources, so why not to learn on the go ?

If you have a particular target in mind, you might enjoy trying to learn
while you're working with it, too. Be prepared to learn at least some
aspects of protein purification and/or molecular biology if you want to
pursue macromolecules on your own, otherwise you would need to establish
collaborations with scientists who have access to protein production

As far as tutorial data are concerned, I would be glad to send you a few
datasets, including data collected on heavy atom derivatives, so you can
enjoy the first map generation kind of feeling :)

Shelx is widely used in macromolecular refinement, so at least part of the
software would be familiar. You will need access to crystallographic
programs, and a machine or two to run the software. Depending on what sort
of environment you work in, the software would be free (academic) or
licensed (industrial) - in both cases you should be able to get access to


"Sean O" <sean0u at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> Hi There,
> Just download and install the ccp4win. Any suggestion for me to start
> learning macromolecular crystallography with a walk through tutorial ?  A
> good website for beginner? (small molecule background, use bruker CCD,
> shelx).
> Sean O

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