Chemical reactions simulation

Bartosz Trzaskowski bartosz at
Fri Sep 5 09:42:28 EST 2003


Anyone interested in chemical reactions simulation - there is a very
interesting paper available on this topic. Silvia Curteanu, an expert
in modeling of chemical reactions, is describing a new mathematical
formalism which leads to better description of the polymerization

The mathematical analysis presented in this paper is really detailed
and interesting - it can be very usefull to everyone interested in
this topic since it can be used to model similar polymerization
processes.  Hopefully it can also solve problems with different
processes, not only the one described in that particular paper
(styrene polymerization).

Curteanu S. "Modeling and Simulation of Free Radical Polymerization of
Styrene under Semibatch Reactor Conditions", CEJC, 1 (2003), 69-90

The paper is available free of charge through the Central European
Journal of Chemistry site ( - link
on top of the page leading to the first issue of CEJC).

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