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Apologies - I am obviously living in the past - the address for
the latest CompComm newsletter should be for the year 2004:


L. Cranswick <lzc at> wrote:
> The third edition of the IUCr Commission on Crystallographic
> Computing Newsletter is now available as an Acrobat PDF (~5.2 Meg
> and 70 pages) at:


> Its main intended audience is that of crystallographic programmers;
> people who like to look under the bonnet of the programs they are
> using; and those interested in crystallographic programming.  There
> are also general articles of possible interest to those who use
> crystallographic software as a black box, and/or interested in topics
> surrounding crystallographic computing.

> The next intended issue is scheduled to appear around June/July 2004.
> Submission of articles concentrating on crystallographic algorithms and
> their implmentation in source code for this next edition are welcome.
> Articles on the history of crystallographic computing are also welcome.

> ----------

> A Table of contents for the current January 2004 edition follows.

> ===================================================================
> ===================================================================

> Siena-2005 - IUCr CompComm Crystallographic Computing School - Ton Spek 

> Siena-2005 Crystallographic Computing School Poster 

> Programming Articles :

>  Reading Binary Data - Scott A. Belmonte 

>  cctbx news - R.W. Grosse-Kunstleve, N.K. Sauter and P.D. Adams 

>  The Once and Everliving FORTRAN : Why Fortran still goes onward and
>  upward while many of its "replacement" languages have already died -
>  Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal 

> General Articles :

>  Reprint of the 1947 paper, A Hollerith Punched-card Method for
>  Evaluation of Electron Density in Crystal Structure Analysis, - by E.G.
>  Cox, L. Gross and G.A. Jeffrey, Proc. Leeds Phil. Soc., 5, 1-13, (1947),
>  with modern introduction by Professor Stanley C. Nyburg. 

>  Some Powder Indexing News - Jon Wright 

>  IUCr Crystallographic Computing Commission Logo competition - Lachlan
>  Cranswick 

> Meeting Reports relating to Crystallographic Computing 

> Calls for contributions to Newsletter No. 4 

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