XtalView: Xfit v.4.1: coloring maps with startup.script

bryan lepore at brandeis.edu
Fri Jun 11 07:49:04 EST 2004

i am using "Xfit - version 4.1eam/shelx compiled"

i am trying to color my maps with the startup script as follows:

loadmap 3 1.1.sigmaa.fs4.map
maptocontour 3
contourlevels 3
color 92
contour1level -145
contour2level 110
contourradius 20
color 28
contourmap 3

...but all i can seem to color is the first map (contour1level -145)
at color 28.     in addition, i cannot seem to color another map of

loadmap 2 2.1.sigmaa.fs4.map
maptocontour 2
contourlevels 1
contour1level 50
contourradius 20
color 124
contourmap 2

... in this case, there is only one map, however it is colored the
default blue (color 16), not 124.  i'm stuck... i actually have a ton
of other things i'm uncertain of, but i'll try this post out to start.


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