XtalView Xfit v4.1 compiled 1/23/02: coloring maps

bryan lepore at brandeis.edu
Tue Jun 29 13:42:48 EST 2004

i have more questions about coloring maps in Xfit, after more

first i will provide the sample script lines:

loadmap 1 3.2.sigmaa.fs4.map
maptocontour 1
contourlevels 1
contour1level 50
contourradius 15
color 124
contourmap 1
#----- end of sample script lines ---

color 124 is gray.  i am using mainly fs4 fomat maps.

it seems i can color the 5th contour level gray, but i can only draw
the 1st contour.  i have tried moving the place of the color
statement, and i have also tried using the 'contourcolor 124'
statement, but i am baffled.  i get some 'Command not found' reports
in the xfit main window, but they look ok to me.

so the simple question is, how do i color contour number 1?


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