Barcode hardware and software for cryovials

Dr. Thayumanasamy Somasundaram soma at
Wed Mar 31 11:10:31 EST 2004

    I would like to inquire about what kind of hardware and software 
people are using to barcode-label cryovials and crystal trays used for 
cryo crystallography work. Is pre-barcoded labels better (no need to buy 
and upgrade hardware and software) or customer-barcoded labels better 
(we can tailor the labeling to suit the situation)?
    Our Institute has several groups that would like to explore the 
possibility of labeling the cryovials, crystal trays with barcodes and 
automate the process of sample identification at ambient and cryo 
temperatures, storage and transport. However, our volume ( say 30-60 
trays/month and 30-40 vials/trip ) is not that high seen by structural 
genomics people.
    Any suggestions regarding manufacturer and resellers will be 
appreciated. Personal experience with pre-barcoded and/or customer-coded 
labels, scanners, and printer is also welcome.
    Thank you.

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