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L. Cranswick lzc at dl.ac.uk
Mon Jun 20 14:53:38 EST 2005

This message is mainly for crystallographers based in Canada (though
others may be interested in the crystallographic artwork of Francois
Brisse (as used in the 1981 IUCr Congress in Ottawa) that is also 
within the CNCC website).

There is now a website for the Canadian National Committee for
Crystallography (CNCC)


Besides information the CNCC's raison d'etre; delegates to the IUCr
Congress; other CNC's; etc; the website includes information on the
Larry Calvert CNC/IUCr Trust Fund for funding awards for student travel
to IUCr congresses (There are webpages on the award's financial status,
winners of the award for attending the IUCr Florence congress, and how
to submit donations):


There is also a section on "Other Travel funding options for Canadian
Crystallography Students". We would like to expand upon this if people
could pass information on to us (especially on College/University
specific travel bursaries for students: currently only McMaster
University is listed).



The CNCC website logo uses the crystallographic artwork: "Feuille
d'erable - p4g - Maple Leaf" by François Brisse. This motif was first
used in the 1981 IUCr Congress in Ottawa. This and other
crystallographic artwork of Francois Brisse is on the following webpage.


This includes a complete reprint (with permission of Canadian
Mineralogist) of "La Symetrie Bidimensionelle et le Canada", by 
François Brisse, Canadian Mineralogist, Vol. 19, pp. 217-224 (1981). 

  'Bluenose: pg : Nouvelle-Ecosse / Nova Scotia'
  'Morue / Cod: pgg : Terre-Neuve / Newfoundland' 
  'Fleur de lis: p31m : Quebec' 
  'Bison / Buffalo: pmg : Manitoba'
  'Cornouiller du Pacifique / Pacific dogwood: p4m : 
        Colombie-Britannique / British Columbia'
  'Navire / Vessel: p1 : Nouveau-Brunswick / New Brunswick'
  'Trille / Trillium: p6 : Ontario' 
  'Ours polaire / Polar bear: p2 : 
        Territories du Nord-Ouest / Northwest Territories'
  'Gerbe de blé / Wheat sheaf: cm : Saskatchewan'
  'Rose aciculaire / Wild Rose: p3m1 : Alberta' 
  'Epilobe a feuille etroite / Fireweed: p6m : Fireweed' 
  'Ile-du-Prince-Edouard / Prince Edward Island: p4 :
       Carte de l'ile / Map of the Island' 


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