[Protein-crystallography] Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Structural Biology, University of Leicester, UK

Joyce, M.G. mgj1 at leicester.ac.uk
Fri Nov 4 17:54:43 EST 2005

Post-Doctoral Research Associate in X-ray Crystallography or NMR Spectroscopy

Henry Wellcome Building, Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester



We are looking for a structural biologist (NMR or X-ray) to join a multidisciplinary team of some 8-10 people studying the function of the cytoskeletal protein talin in integrin-mediated cell adhesion. Talin plays a central role in connecting integin receptors with the actomyosin contractile apparatus in the cell. It interacts with a large number of proteins a number of which regulate the dynamic assembly and dis-assembly of integrin complexes, a process important in cell migration.

 We are using NMR and X-ray crystallography to derive molecular models of talin complexes, and this information feeds into cell biology experiments designed to address structure / function relationships in talin. The research associate will use X-ray and NMR for structural studies on the talin head domain and the mechanism of talin activation. 

The position is suitable for a researcher with a good knowledge of X-ray crystallography or NMR who wants to participate in a project based on a close collaboration between cell biology and structural biology laboratories. Domain identification and characterisation is at a refined state with structural results from this data expected.


The laboratories are housed in the brand new Henry Wellcome Building. The group has access to regular synchrotron time at the ESRF, Grenoble. Protein expression and modern purification equipment is readily available in well equipped laboratories. The NMR Centre has an 800 (equipped with a CryoProbe), 2x600 (one equipped with a CryoProbe), and a 500 MHz spectrometers. 


The successful applicant will hold a PhD, or be close to completing their PhD studies. Experience with molecular biology, protein expression and purification is highly desirable. Experience in either X-ray crystallography or NMR is essential.


For further information contact the project leader Prof David R. Critchley (drc at le.ac.uk, tel:+44 (0)116 252 3477) or NMR investigator Dr. Igor Barsukov (igb2 at le.ac.uk, tel: +44 (0)116 252 3055). 


For background information see the department web site (http://www.le.ac.uk/biochem/) and the relevant recent publications: Barsukov et al. 2003, J. Biol. Chem.,  278, 31202; Papagrigoriou et al. 2004, EMBO J. 23, 2942; Fillingham et al. 2005.  Structure, 13, 65; Gingras et al., J. Biol. Chem., Sep 2005, in press, http://www.jbc.org. For a review, see Critchley, D.R. (2004) Biochem. Soc. Trans., 32, 831-836


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