[Protein-crystallography] Call for Nominations for ACA Fankuchen and Trueblood Awards

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Tue Sep 27 19:34:04 EST 2005

Nominations are solicited for the 2007 Fankuchen Memorial Award and the
2007 Kenneth N. Trueblood Award. Both awards will be presented at the
annual ACA meeting in Salt Lake City in July, 2007. The recipients will
give their lectures at the special Fankuchen and Trueblood Award
Symposia organized to honor them. Each award is given every three years
and each consists of an honorarium plus travel expenses to accept the
award. There are no geographic or age restrictions. The Fankuchen Award
carries the additional responsibility that the Award Lecture should
be presented at an academic institution of the recipient's choice.
Please submit nominations to the ACA office in Buffalo (see page 1 for
address) no later than May 1, 2006. A nominating letter clearly
indicating the accomplishments of the individual is required; an
additional supporting letter and a c.v. for the nominee may be
but are not required. A nomination form is available on the ACA web
site, http://www.hwi.buffalo.edu/aca/

The Fankuchen Award was established in 1971 in memory of Isidor
Fankuchen, Professor of Physics at the Polytechnic Institute of
from 1942 to 1964. It is given to recognize contributions to
crystallographic research by one who is known to be an effective
of crystallography. Previous winners were: 2004: Alexander McPherson;
2001: James Stewart; 1998: E. Dodson; 1995: Jenny Glusker and Kennth
Trueblood; 1992: L. D. Casper; 1989: David Sayre; 1986: Michael G.
Rossmann; 1983: Lyle H. Jensen; 1980: David Harker; 1977: Dorothy
Hodgkin; 1974: A. Guinier; 1971: Martin J. Buerger.

The Kenneth N. Trueblood Award was given for the first time in 2004, to
Richard E. Marsh. It was created to recognize exceptional achievement
computational or chemical crystallography. The award was established in
2001 in memory of Kenneth N. Trueblood, UCLA , who was a major force in
the early use of computers and the development of crystallographic
computer programs. He applied these programs to the examination of
chemical and molecular details of many structures at the frontiers of
research. His contribution to the famous work on vitamin B12 is one
example. Ken Trueblood was a leader in the development of techniques
analysis of anisotropic motion and was also a superb teacher and a
author. The award is given every three years and consists of an
honorarium plus travel expenses to accept the award.


The award selection committees are:

Fankuchen: Thomas F. Koetzle (Argonne), Chair; Bob Sweet (Brookhaven);
Katherine Kantardjieff (Cal State U., Fullerton); Lachlan Cranswick
(Chalk River, Canada).

Trueblood: Philip Coppens (SUNY Buffalo), Chair; Larry Dahl
Doug Rees (Caltech); Jim Richardson (Argonne).

Lachlan M. D. Cranswick
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