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  1. [Protein-crystallography] Call for Nominations for ACA Fankuchen and Trueblood Awards   lc at bluehaze.com.au
  2. [Protein-crystallography] centroid   biplabbose at gmail.com
  3. [Protein-crystallography] Ono windows build problems with menu display   Rich
  4. [Protein-crystallography] Position open at Brandeis University   Gregory A. Petsko
  5. [Protein-crystallography] postdoctoral position, Rutgers University   Cathy Lawson
  6. [Protein-crystallography] RCSB-PDB annotator position available   pdbjobs
  7. [Protein-crystallography] Setting pivot point for Move_Zone in Ono while building RNA   jpitt at fhcrc.org
  8. [Protein-crystallography] X-Ray beam time is available NOW on multiple NSLS beam lines.   Robert Sweet

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