[Protein-crystallography] X-ray Equipment For Sale

Gary glbryant at avtechlabs.com
Tue Aug 8 15:10:44 EST 2006


AvTech has decided to dispose of its X-ray equipment.  Below is a brief
list of the equipment we have available.  The equipment and some
pictures are posted at www.labx.com.  If you have any interest please
contact Bill Pfund at 269-323-3366 x16.

Rigaku R-axis Rapid X-ray Diffractometer system with Osmic MicroMax-002
Microfocus generator

Bruker AXS Smart 6000 Diffractometer system

Siemens P4 X-ray Diffractometer system plus Siemens High Star Area

Siemens 710 Generator 


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