[Protein-crystallography] 2nd Announce: Sixth Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop - 8th to 10th May 2006, Waterloo University, Canada

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        Second Announcement - Bursary application deadline: 18th
February 2006

                Sixth Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop
William G. Davis Centre, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario,
                Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th of May 2006


 The third day of workshop is PDF (Pair Distribution Function) and
  Total Scattering Analysis presented by Dr Thomas Proffen of Los
  Alamos National Laboratory, USA

The main theme of the workshop is in the fundamentals of using powder
diffraction, and assisting participants in using the Rietveld method.
Lectures on a variety of topics are planned for the morning, with the
afternoon practical sessions concentrating on using GSAS for performing
Rietveld analysis for structure refinement and quantitative phase

The first two days of this workshop concentrates on powder diffractoin
and Rietveld Analysis. The third day focusses on PDF (Pair Distribution
Function)/Total Scattering analysis of amorphous, disordered, poorly
crystalline or nano-crystalline materials.

Thanks to the continued generous support of the University of Waterloo
in the use of their facilities, registration costs have been maintained
at a very reasonable price. Waterloo is located in Southern Ontario and
the closest passenger airport is the Pearson International Airport in
Toronto. Airport shuttles operate to the University of Waterloo campus.
For those who like to fly themselves, Waterloo Regional International
Airport is available for use as well.

Directions and travel hints are given at:

Venue information and accommodation optoins at:


Registration Costs (for the entire 3 day workshop):
   Students: Cdn $150
   Academics and not-for-profit organisations: Cdn $180
   Commercial and Industrial: Cdn $210

For those interested in only attending the final PDF/Total Scattering
workshop, the registration is 1/3rd of the above.

On-line booking of the reasonably priced University accommodation is
available via the on-line registration webpage.



Chair: Professor Bruce Torrie (University of Waterloo)

     Dr Robert Von Dreele (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
     Dr Angus Wilkinson   (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
     Dr Thomas Proffen    (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
     Dr Ian Swainson      (National Research Council of Canada)
     Lachlan Cranswick    (National Research Council of Canada)

Talks include:

  Sample preparation, data collection considerations and phase
  identification using powder X-ray diffraction

  Introduction to Powder Profile Refinement

  Profile Refinement with GSAS

  Synchrotron Experiments

  Why and when to use neutron powder diffraction

  Using Rigid Bodies in GSAS

  Freely available powder diffraction Software

  Beyond the Bragg peaks or why do we care about total scattering?

  Measuring total scattering X-ray and neutron data: where and how?

  What to do with your PDF: Modeling of disordered structures


Student Bursaries:

Redyced-registration bursaries for students outside Ontario and Quebec
are available, thanks to the Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering
and Univesity of Waterloo. As well as similar bursaries for US based
students, thanks to the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center.



Accompanying Person(s)

As workshop participants may like to use the meeting as a jumping off
stopping point for a vacation with friends and/or family (e.g., Niagara
Falls is less than 2 hour drive away), a good starting list of
Accompanying Person(s) resources is also included on the conference
webpage at:



Brief Pictorial History of the Rietveld Method

On the logo webpage, a brief pictorial history of the Rietveld method



A poster for the workshop is downloadable at:


If there are students and/or XRD users in your institute who might
benefit from attending such a workshop, we would be appreciate it if
were brought to their attention. Please download the poster and post on
departmental notice boards if appropriate.


Lachlan M. D. Cranswick
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