[Protein-crystallography] xtal-log activity

Jorge Iulek iulek at interponta.com.br
Sat Jul 1 19:07:33 EST 2006

Dear Catherine,

    Thanks for the information. It is good to know of the good number of 
subscribers and, although not much frequently, to receive some posts from 
the forum.
    I am also subscribed to some of the other cited forums; to my knowledge 
the ccp4bb forum is the one to receive most of the protein crystallgraphy 
questions.  I can recall sometimes some discussion was performed there 
(ccp4bb) with the jargon-title "sorry for the non-ccp4 question" where a 
"general" protein crystallography question came along, but I think that is 
so due to the way things evolved. But it is possible in the future things 
evolve such that a "pure" protein crystallography forum becomes practical.
    I myself will be using all forums yet they represent to me a good 
opportunity to discuss and to learn from the community. So, long life to the 
xtal-log forum !


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>>    BTW, it seems that the ccp4bb is much more active on discussing 
>> protein
>>crystallography. I wonder how much this xtal-log forum is active !
> Dear Jorge,
> The xtal-log bulletin board has not so active in the past few years.  It 
> is easy to see this by looking at the storage size for each month's 
> correspondence on the xtal-log archive page: 
> http://www.bio.net/bionet/mm/xtal-log/.  When I took on the job of 
> moderating in 2001 there had already been a significant reduction in use, 
> in part because of spam problems, but also because other crystallography 
> bulletin boards (e.g., for ccp4, cns, o) welcome "off topic" posts.
> However, there is good news:
> The xtal-log bb continues to actively used by a number of scientists to 
> post job opportunities, conference and software announcements, currently 
> reaching more than 150 e-mail subscribers.  I would therefore say that it 
> is still a very appropriate place to ask questions about protein 
> crystallography.  To reach a larger set of experts, I would suggest 
> cross-posting with one of the other bbs.
> Moderation has become super easy.  The bionet bb's were changed over from 
> MRC to the group at Indiana in June 2005, and better moderation software 
> was implemented.   They must have a terrific spam filter because nearly 
> all the messages that come to my attention are list-appropriate.  Also, I 
> always promote good posters  to "automatically accept" status.
> So ... bring on the crystallography questions!
> best wishes,
> Cathy
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