[Protein-crystallography] resolution range for refinement

Jorge Iulek iulek at uepg.br
Fri Jun 30 13:19:53 EST 2006

Dear hothot,

    You should prefer to use the 20-2.37 A range unless you made some
mistake at measuring your low resolution data or for any reason they were
not scaled properly. But, at doing using this range, you must include a bulk
solvent model into your structure. Did you do so ?
    BTW, it seems that the ccp4bb is much more active on discussing protein
crystallography. I wonder how much this xtal-log forum is active !


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> Dear all:
>  I'm refining a protein structure complexed with an inhibitor. I found
> that if I refine the structure in the range from 20 to 2.37 angstrom, I
> can see a strong positive density in fo-fc map in the second binding
> site,However,if I choose to refine it in 10-2.37 range, this peak is
> nearly invisible.
>  What's going on here?Which one should I trust, the more complete one?
> Thanks
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