[Protein-crystallography] CNCC Canadian student travel award winners to IUCr Osaka congress and list of Canadian delegates to IUCr congress

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The following is sent on behalf of the Canadian National Committee for
Crystallography (CNCC) and mainly for Canadian based
including those who have donated to the Larry Calvert CNC/IUCr Trust
Fund student travel award:


The three students award winners for funding support to attend the
IUCr Osaka Congress in August are:

 * Daniel Lee (Department of Biochemistry, Queen's University)

 * Nobohiku Watanabe (Department of Biochemistry, University of

 * Jimin Zheng (Department of Biochemistry, Queen's University)

and their IUCr Osaka abstracts are listed at:


The CNCC also funds the Canadian Division Pauling Poster Prize poster
prize at the American Crystallographic Association conferences and the
list of student winners for the last three years are:

 # 2008 Canadian Division Winner: Konstantin Popovic (P084)
 # 2007 Canadian Division Winner: Magdalena Korczynska (SP027)
 # 2006 Canadian Division Winner: Lisa Pell (S-P097)



The Canadian delegates to the XXIst General Assembly of the
IUCr - Osaka, Japan, 23rd to 31st August 2008 are
( http://www.cins.ca/cncc/delegates.html ):

    * Professor Louis T.J. Delbaere, Chair
    * Dr Pamela Whitfield, delegate
    * Dr. Joseph Schrag, delegate
    * Dr James Britten (Alternate)
    * Lachlan Cranswick (Alternate)

If Canadian based crystallographers have any issues they would like to
be considered/raised at the IUCr assembly meetings in Osaka, they can
contact the delegates individually or collectively.

Contact information for the above delegates are listed at:



Lachlan Cranswick (CNCC member)  http://www.cins.ca/cncc/

Lachlan M. D. Cranswick
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